Feminized Hemp Seeds

Diversifying crops with profitable CBG hemp strains helps growers weather economic uncertainty.

LONGMONT, Colo., June 2, 2020 High Grade Hemp Seed, global leaders in the production and sales of premium hemp genetics, has a solution for farmers looking for diversification during economic uncertainty: grow hemp. The industrial hemp industry has been expanding exponentially in the past few years as more states legalize hemp production. Yet, the industry is still maturing and farmers are navigating new, uncharted ground.

High Grade Hemp Seed is leading the charge in helping farmers stay ahead of the trend and meet the growing market demand. The company, founded in 2011, is continuing to test new varietals, develop diverse strains, work within the industry to ensure compliance, and foremost: sell high quality hemp seed to farms around the United States and the world.

Its most recent debut is a highly anticipated new strain, Matterhorn CBG.

Cannabigerol (CBG) is the mother of popular Cannabidiol (CBD), and is lower in Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid (THC), easy to farm and highly resilient. Matterhorn flowers have up to 15 percent CBG, and Matterhorn is remarkably even lower in THC. In addition, adding CBG crops allows farmers to diversify. Matterhorn CBG is a vigorous, revolutionary strain of European industrial hemp, with potential uses in both the medical field and in consumer goods.

Matterhorn CBG is a smart choice for both smokable flower growers and farmers concerned with regulatory compliance. This terpene-focused varietal has a palate of effervescent lemon and lime with skunky notes of hops. When grown properly, even harvested late, Matterhorn delivers reliable compliance with recent USDA interim draft rules for hemp production.

Through two years of field trials, Matterhorn CBG has proven to be uniform, stable, and unique. Germination rates are at 95 percent and feminization rates at 99.98 percent, producing one male to every 4000 females. A high level of CBG combined with reliable THC compliance make the strain a good option for farmers entering the hemp market or diversifying beyond CBD-rich hemp or non-hemp crops.

“Never has there been a more important time to focus on hemp genetics,” says Bodhi Urban, CEO of High Grade Hemp Seed. “Sourcing your seeds from the right partner is crucial. High Grade is committed to the highest quality hemp seed in diverse strains, and also offers farmers the resources and assistance to succeed.”

What is CBG and why is it a good alternative to CBD?

CBG is a precursor to all other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBN (Cannabinol), CBC (Cannabichromene) and THCA (Tetrahydrocannabinolic Acid). As with CBD, CBG has several early studies showing potential health benefits, including studies on cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and general pain relief, but with even lower THC implications. CBG attaches to both CB1 and CB2 receptors. This means that the entire endocannabinoid system can be targeted, opening doors to new treatments. The genetics of the plant is the primary price factor. Breeding strains with higher CBG levels lowers the cost to extract the CBG as less biomass is needed. Matterhorn CBG is a viable force in the hemp industry with high levels of CBG, consistently testing at 12.46 percent and up to 15 percent CBG. These high levels are reached while maintaining compliance with THC regulations. Matterhorn CBG’s THC levels test at 0.09 percent.

Bright Future for Hemp Farming Despite Pandemic

Since the end of the decades-long prohibition on industrial hemp, there has been a surge in market demand for hemp-derived products. Passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has led farmers across the country to transition their operations to include fields or greenhouses of industrial hemp. Industrial hemp markets are poised to continue their upward growth. Projections are that the industrial hemp market will grow from 4.6 billion in 2019 to 26.6 billion by 2025. Diversifying into hemp farming offers farmers a way forward during times of economic uncertainty.

“High Grade is helping the hemp industry move forward so farmers can come back strong after this pandemic,” adds Urban. “Those considering a 2020 harvest can order seeds now, and seedlings are delivered on-demand with a two-week lead time customized to meet field preparation timelines.”

“High Grade is on the forefront of innovation in the hemp genetics industry,” says Christy Thiel, Director of Education and Partner Relations at Seed2System, a Colorado producer and distributor of high quality hemp CBD products. “We are really excited about the potential of this new Matterhorn CBG strain, both for its usage potential, but also what it could mean for farmers’ livelihoods.”

About High Grade Hemp Seed

HGH Seed, Inc., is a Colorado-based hemp genetics company committed to farming top-quality, consistent strains of hemp. High Grade has been pivotal in the reintroduction of industrial hemp to the global supply chain.  CEO Bodhi Urban and the High Grade team introduced foundational strains such as Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom that are the basis of hemp genetics today. The company is known for its proven track record of compliance, high feminization and germination rates, and high cannabinoid levels. To learn more about High Grade, or to inquire about CBG hemp seeds and starts, visit highgradehempseed.com or call (833) 867-7333.