Full Term Seeds

In Colorado, our growing season requires us to plant in the late Spring. We typically start our full term seeds in greenhouses in flats in early May. This allows us to get full propagation veg time in before we transplant.

We recommend starting seeds in flats if you have the infrastructure to do so, if not, we recommend considering seed starts as they will take off quicker with an established root zone.

For planting we recommend 3-5 ft centers with between 2,000-3,000 plants per acre depending on row spacing, with some farmers experimenting with up to 5,000 plants per acre.

Planting Definitions for our Hemp Varietals

These signature strains require a very similar approach across the board from the field production standpoint. With Trophy Wife being the exception with the highest CBD/THC ratio, our other strains test similarly in potency but express very unique terpene profiles.

Outside of the terpenes contributing to a quality smokeable experience, our flowers have tested up to 2% in total terpenes giving you an additional bi-product from your crop to monetize once isolated.

In the continental U.S. in most zones, harvest is typically from late September to early October and your precise timing will be dependent on testing, planting time and region.