HGH Seed Catalog of High CBD Strains

Perhaps more than anything, quality genetics are critical to the success of your CBD hemp crop. To give you the best chance for a successful hemp harvest, High Grade Hemp Seed offers an extensive catalog of high CBD strains.

As hemp industry leaders, we have dedicated years to developing quality strains that are robust enough for outdoor production. Even more, we have worked tirelessly to ensure maximum CBD resin production as well as exquisite terpene profiles.

Our High CBD Strains List

Each of our high CBD strains offers something special, from our foundational Berry Blossom to boutique strains like Trophy Wife and Chardonnay.

  • Berry Blossom: These genetics are ideal for new growers and experienced farmers alike. Berry Blossom is a crowd favorite, loved for its hardiness and floral terpene profile with hints of candied raspberries and acai berries.
  • Red Bordeaux: This high CBD hemp strain is perfect for farmers looking for something to plant early in the growing season (especially to give time for late finishers). Customers will appreciate Red Bordeaux’s aroma of fresh-cut strawberries and lavender with tantalizing hints of cherry and diesel.
  • Merlot: In many ways, Merlot is the best of all worlds. These CBD seeds produce quick finishing plants that are hardy enough for nearly every growing environment. Even more, Merlot consistently produces under 0.3% THC. Enjoy a delightfully unique terpene profile of fresh tennis balls, orange peel, chocolate, and cherries jubilee.
  • Autoflower: Have a short growing window or want to try for multiple harvests in a year? Our autoflowering CBD strain finishes fast and consistently produces quality resin glands.
  • Cherry Wine: This cherry and floral hemp strain also gives terpene connoisseurs an array of rich, skunky notes. Cherry Wine was bred specifically to boost CBD yields and doesn’t disappoint.
  • Trophy Wife: This lovely lady finishes early and drips resin, all while offering a terpene profile packed with notes of cheese and skunk with hints of cherry. The flowers are a favorite on retail shelves.
  • Chardonnay: One of our top performers, Chardonnay is a good fit for industrial farmers looking for high CBD yields and a pleasing terpene profile. Get ready for swirling sweet flavors and a calming Indica effect that helps users relax while still being able to perform.

Feminized CBD Seeds

Protect your investment with feminized hemp seeds. Set yourself up for success by controlling plant sexes and eliminating dangers for cross-pollination. High Grade Hemp Seed has achieved feminization rates of over 99.8% with seeds for our high CBD strains. Don’t gamble your harvest — get the best hemp seeds available.

Robust CBD Seeds

A majority of our genetics at High Grade Hemp Seeds are available as seeds. This option is great for growing high CBD strains.

High CBD seeds are a great option if you don’t want to spend the extra money on starts. Even more, it is easier to get the hemp strains you want if you purchase seeds. Especially during peak planting season, seeds give you more control over your strain selection.

Autoflowers and Early Finishers

There are countless unknowns in the hemp industry. Not only do CBD flower prices fluctuate every year, but outdoor crops are at the mercy of mother nature. What better way to protect your future than by staggering your harvests?

By staggering your harvests throughout the summer and fall with autoflower strains and early finishing genetics, you improve your odds for success. By harvesting multiple times per growing season, you can take advantage of better market prices of high CBD strains. Even more, you ensure that your entire harvest isn’t destroyed by a single weather event, such as an early-season snowstorm.

Quality Terpene Profiles

Farmers need to consider the terpene profiles of their hemp strains, especially if they want to attract customers before they plant (which is a good strategy). Our hemp strains high in CBD provide a wide variety terpene profiles that will appeal to a variety of buyers.

Compliant THC Levels for Hemp

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, a plant is legally considered hemp if it contains less than 0.3% THC. In order to remain federally compliant, you must pay careful attention to the THC levels in your high CBD strains list.

At High Grade Hemp Seed, we have all of our genetics through rigorous testing for THC levels. You can trust we have a clear picture of cannabinoid levels in all of our CBD strain seeds. Therefore, we will provide the best hemp genetics for your project goals. Even more, we will give you in-depth guidance on THC testing during certain growth phases – such as flower maturation.

Quality & Robust Hemp CBD Genetics

Get the most CBD from every plant while also enjoying a robust crop. Even more, guarantee a unique terpene profile your customers will adore. Our High Grade hemp strains are time-tested and industry trusted. Contact us today, and we’d love to help you choose the right CBD strain or strains for your farm.