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The Guide to Industrial Hemp Processing Equipment

In the few short years since hemp was legalized, farmers and manufacturers alike have worked to establish new processing protocols for the industry. As new hemp farms sprung up across the nation after legalization, farmers quickly realized they didn’t have all the tools they needed to pull off successful harvests. Manufacturers also didn’t have the […]

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil – What’s the Difference?

With so many hemp products on the market today, it’s easy for consumers to confuse terminology. Not only must you know the difference between CBD hemp and industrial hemp, but you must have an awareness of unique products within these subcategories. As the hemp market continues to grow exponentially, we regularly get questions about the […]

What is CBD Isolate and What is it Used For?

In the modern CBD industry, manufacturers constantly come up with innovative ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp flowers. In turn, as new extraction methods are devised, they lead to the further development of new and exciting CBD products. Certain hemp CBD products – like full-spectrum extracts – are created with the end goal of retaining […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hemp Extraction Equipment

Since hemp was legalized, our methods and technologies for processing cannabinoids have grown increasingly sophisticated. Today, hemp extraction operations borrow equipment and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. In turn, hemp companies produce pure extracts that provide accurate and consistent CBD dosing. Hemp farmers and manufacturers have a number of […]


What is THC: The Difference Between CBD and THC

Whether it be THC or CBD, the cannabis and hemp industries continue to create amazing new products with cannabinoids. While innovations are doubtlessly exciting, consumer education sometimes falls behind product development in cannabis and hemp. In particular, many people are still not aware of the difference between THC and CBD. Importantly, being able to differentiate […]

Hemp Transportation: Challenges of Shipping Hemp

The new national hemp industry has brought with it a wave of excitement for business owners. Whether it be with CBD products or industrial hemp materials, entrepreneurs are flocking to this business with big dreams and high hopes. Yet, as the hemp industry has taken shape since legalization, operators consistently run into new problems. A […]

Matterhorn CBG Hemp Seed Earns AOSCA Certification

High Grade Hemp Seed, a Santa Fe Farms company, announces certification of their hemp varietal, Matterhorn CBG, by the Association of Official Seed Certifying Agencies (AOSCA)  LONGMONT, Colo. – May 4, 2021 – High Grade Hemp Seed, a Santa Fe Farms company and a leader in the production and sales of premium hemp genetics, has […]