hemp batteries

Batteries offer a growing hope as the world transitions away from non-renewable sources of energy, like natural gas and coal, to a more sustainable energy grid. Lithium-ion batteries now power a rising number of electric vehicles and even allow homeowners with solar panels to store power while the sun is shining and use it when […]

hemp paper

Believe it or not, the very first paper in the world was partially made of hemp. Our ancestors may have been on to something. Today, Americans use 850,000,000 tons of paper per year, which translates to 680 pounds of paper per person. That’s a massive amount of trees being cut down to produce disposables like […]

hemp wood

Wood flooring, furniture, and accents can add beauty and warmth to a home. It’s truly no wonder why wood is one of the most popular materials for interior decor. However, wood does carry quite a bit of ecological baggage. It takes decades for a tree to grow, and the widespread use of wood in the […]

a man holding hemp bioplastic

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in the smartphones in our pockets, the cars we drive, the packaging of consumer goods, and the jet planes that streak across the sky. Plastic helps the world run, but it’s also leaving a devastating impact on the environment as it piles up in landfills or finds its way into the […]

hemp fuel

Though hemp fuel may seem like a futuristic idea, it’s actually an old concept that dates back to the birth of the automotive revolution. In fact, Henry Ford designed some of his first Model T cars to run on hemp biofuel as well as gasoline. Oh, what could have been if discoveries of large crude […]

hemp concrete

When it comes to describing the hemp plant, versatile is an understatement. Here at High Grade Hemp Seed, we have been primarily focused on hemp flowers (or buds) for their ability to produce the oil that can be turned into CBD and CBG, which is far from the only use of hemp. The plant has […]

challenges of hemp transportation

The new national hemp industry has brought with it a wave of excitement for business owners. Whether it be with CBD products or industrial hemp materials, entrepreneurs are flocking to this business with big dreams and high hopes. Yet, as the hemp industry has taken shape since legalization, operators consistently run into new problems. A […]

hemp bedding for animals

As seen with most applications for hemp, animal bedding made from hemp is both functional and environmentally friendly. Just as a hemp CBD farm can help sequester carbon from the environment, while also providing valuable wellness products, the benefits of industrial hemp are multi-faceted. In the best-case scenarios, industrial hemp outperforms the materials which it […]

hemp as a building material

Hemp has been an extremely important resource throughout human history. To illustrate, the Chinese were making paper out of hemp over 2,000 years ago, and scientists believe people have been making textiles from hemp for over 8,000 years. Today, we are seeing a resurgence in the use of hemp fibers for building and construction materials. […]

hemp supply chain

The hemp space represents one of the most exciting, yet most volatile facets of legal cannabis. While hemp was federally legalized in 2018, certain cannabinoids such as CBD remain in a legal “gray area.” Therefore, CBD companies are operating without clear direction from the FDA. In like fashion, the industrial hemp space struggles to find […]

hemp clones vs seeds

In the few short years since hemp was legalized, farming methods have grown leaps and bounds. As we continue to learn more about hemp cultivation, growers are constantly refining their practices. Within the process of learning, there has been a consistent debate over the best means for starting a hemp crop. When speaking with hemp […]

The Environmental Benefits of Using Industrial Hemp

Hemp is one of the most diverse plants on earth. Not only are CBD flowers great for health and wellness, but industrial hemp has near-endless applications with building materials, plastic composites, biofuels, and bioremediation. Many of these primary uses for industrial hemp are also beneficial for the environment. Since hemp was nationally legalized in 2018, […]

Hemp as a Carbon Sink

There is no denying that hemp is a miracle plant. Whether you grow hemp for CBD flowers or industrial purposes, there are near endless uses for the crop. To illustrate, today’s hemp-derived CBD market features endless products — for both people and pets. In like fashion, we have discovered amazing applications for industrial hemp. Fiber […]

F1 hemp strain

Looking at the hemp industry, it’s incredible to see the amount of development that has occurred since legalization. Excitingly, we have reached a point where cutting-edge plant science is being applied to commercial hemp production. These advancements have opened new doors of understanding on breeding premium CBD hemp strains. As pioneers of the CBD space, […]

hemp pest management

Commercially cultivated hemp is skyrocketing in the U.S., thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and legalized its growth. Hemp production can be broken down into three distinct categories: grain, fiber, and the compound cannabidiol (CBD) for consumer usage. Regardless of the hemp you […]

hemp fertilizer requirements

Ask a dozen farmers whether or not hemp requires fertilizer, and you’re likely to get a dozen different answers. Some farmers swear that hemp doesn’t need a drop of fertilizer. Most farmers, however, believe at least some hemp fertilizer is necessary. While certain farmers may think less is more, many successful farmers treat hemp like […]

hemp farmer holding hemp seeds

The 2020 fire season started early, with multiple fires raging throughout Washington, Oregon, and California, three states where hemp farming has proliferated. Hemp Industry Daily profiled the damage, highlighting California farmers who lost their entire crop to the flames as well as Oregon farmers who doubted the retail value of hemp flowers damaged by wildfire […]

mold on hemp plant

Industrial hemp is traditionally more resistant to diseases and pests than many other cash crops; however, hemp can be susceptible to mold. This is especially true for hemp grown for CBD or CBG. Hemp flower tends to absorb moisture, making it a tempting target for mold. If mold does appear in your hemp crop, it […]

hemp farmer

At High Grade, we wanted to know how hemp farmers were faring in the midst of a rapidly changing industry wrapped up in one of the most unpredictable years on record. We also touched base with non-hemp farmers to learn about their struggles and triumphs. After surveying over 125 farmers, here’s what we found. Key […]

How Hemp Can Save The World

Hemp and climate change: What’s the connection? Farmers are keen observers of the climate. Everything from changing weather patterns to water availability and soil quality directly impacts their ability to make a living. For this reason, climate change is already beginning to directly affect farmers. In 2020 alone, hemp farmers on the West Coast have […]

Hemp Farming Equipment

Thinking of growing hemp on your farm? The popular crop can be highly lucrative, but only if farmers do their homework. Part of the planning process will require you to determine your hemp equipment needs. While buying new hemp farming equipment can represent a significant investment, the right equipment can also save you loads of […]

hemp biomass

You won’t be able to farm hemp for long if you can’t earn a profit from your crop, but how do you actually sell your hemp biomass? Where do find hemp biomass buyers? Most importantly, how can you get the best price on the crop you spent so much time, effort, and resources growing? When […]

hemp testing

The 2018 Farm Bill finally opened the doors to industrial hemp farming in the United States, but hemp farmers don’t get a free pass. Instead, the Farm Bill instituted strict hemp compliance requirements and also called on states to develop their own hemp testing and certification standards, which means the exact rules a farmer must […]

hemp farm labor

Many small-scale farms are family operations, but keeping a hemp farm running with only the efforts of a small group of people may not be possible. Hemp can be a labor-intensive crop, especially when harvest time comes around. To make sure you get your harvest in, it might be time to consider bringing on hemp […]

Declaration of Independence

This incredibly versatile plant has thousands of uses, from hemp building materials and hemp paper to hemp clothing and CBD cosmetics.

This incredibly versatile plant has thousands of uses, from hemp building materials and hemp paper to hemp clothing and CBD cosmetics.

Industrial hemp is, generally, a robust and forgiving crop. Hemp can grow in a range of different environments and even survive in less-than-ideal soil. However, there is one part of the growing process that farmers must give special attention to: irrigation. Farmers who grow hemp for CBD or CBG must take special care to maximize […]

types of hemp flower

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best hemp flower strains for your farm. To begin, you should assess whether your target market is in hemp biomass or boutique flowers. After that, we recommend you take a look at the outdoor growing season at your chosen locale. Once you have chosen hemp strains […]

soil for growing hemp

Every farmer knows that soil can make the difference between a bumper crop and a failed harvest. That’s why it’s so important for farmers to take the time to test, prepare, and manage their soil throughout a crop’s growing season. Though hemp has a reputation for growing easily, that doesn’t mean you can ignore your […]

hemp flower

The growth of the CBD industry over the past five years is nothing short of amazing. Today, the hemp-derived CBD marketplace is massive, with billions of dollars in annual sales. Some experts believe that the global CBD marketplace could reach $20 billion by the year 2025. However, while the global fascination with CBD can’t be […]

how to harvest hemp

The success of your CBD or CBG crop will depend on when and how you harvest your industrial hemp. Small decisions during the hemp harvesting process can have a big impact on your return on investment. The best practices of harvesting hemp are not yet set in stone, so farmers are learning how to harvest […]

Farmers are growing hemp

A new crop is showing up on farms across the country. In August of 2018, U.S. farmers planted 27,424 acres of hemp. Just a year later, that number skyrocketed to 128,320 acres across the country and 2020 numbers are now at a whopping 465,762 acres. What is behind this jaw-dropping increase in hemp farming? The […]

Research on CBG health benefits

The hemp plant contains over 100 unique chemical compounds known as cannabinoids. Recently, the cannabinoid known as “cannabigerol” or “CBG” has been gaining serious attention in the industry. However, scientific research on CBG is still in its infancy and the medical community is just beginning to understand potential applications for this new cannabinoid. Since the […]

Research on CBD Benefits

The growth of the CBD industry is nothing short of spectacular. Just a few short years ago, “cannabidiol” (CBD), was an obscure cannabinoid only known to select groups of cultivators and scientists. In like fashion, hemp was federally illegal and only valued for its fibers and seeds. Today, things look much different for hemp and […]

Male vs Female Hemp Plant

Interested in growing hemp for CBD or CBG? You’ll need to learn as much as you can about the hemp plant itself. That starts with understanding the difference between male and female hemp plants. Every hemp farmer must be able to identify males and females out in the field. Why? Because if your goal is […]

High CBD Hemp Seeds

As the cannabis and hemp industries continue to gain acceptance in the mainstream, there has been an increased interest in cannabinoids. With a surge in popularity for both CBD and THC, cannabis and hemp have become big business. Looking specifically at the hemp-derived CBD space, national legalization has attracted the attention of major players in […]

Autoflower Hemp Seeds High Grade Hemp Seed.

There are a number of benefits to growing autoflower hemp crops. In an increasingly competitive industry where efficiency is directly tied to profitability, you need every edge you can get. To this end, being able to control your harvest windows and dictate the speed of your crops are great advantages. Autoflowering CBD strains from High […]

So, you want to start an industrial hemp farm—good choice! The 2018 Farm Bill finally made industrial hemp farming legal in the United States. The passage of the bill set off a bonanza of hemp farming, fed by the rabid popularity of CBD oil and the recent, growing interest in CBG oil. According to a […]

hemp seed genetics

The profitability of a crop is often made or lost on the margins, which is why choosing seeds with good genetic qualities is one of the fundamental keys to farming success. If you are planning to farm hemp, what hemp genetics should you be searching for in your seeds? Let’s take a look at the […]

If you’re considering planting hemp in the near future, you may have heard about companies that sell feminized hemp seeds. You may have also heard that feminized seeds are more expensive than “regular” seeds. What are feminized seeds, and why do they sell for a higher price? More importantly, are feminized hemp seeds worth the […]

growing hemp for profit

Ever since the 2018 Farm Bill relaxed restrictions against hemp farming, you’ve heard all about the big profit potential of this versatile crop. In fact, a research report by MarketsandMarkets™ found that the industrial hemp market is expected to grow from $4.6 billion in 2019 to $26.6 billion by 2025. Researchers from Brightfield Group have […]

Hemp Seeds To Farm

Since the U.S. government relaxed restrictions on hemp farming in the Farm Bills of 2014 and 2018, many farmers have started planting this lucrative crop. If you are interested in adding hemp to your farm, you might be wondering how to get started. The answer is simple. Start with the right hemp seeds. Every farmer […]

The future of the hemp industry is wide open and for farmers who are interested in getting in on the ground floor, this infographic can help you start in the right direction.

This article will walk you through the origin of the Matterhorn CBG Varietal, as well as the medical potential and the market potential that comes from farming this very revolutionary cannabinoid.

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High Grade Hemp Seed company is the real deal.  We purchased Cherry Wine and Berry Blossom. The germination rate was a 100% for us, both showed explosive growth and exceptional fragrance followed by over all uniformity.  In our experience, both strains grew as wide as they are tall. Over 5ft tall and wide with endless nodes ready to take on flower production.  Our area is very windy and the plants seem to love it. We experienced 50 mile an hour wind gusts,  98% stood tough, the ones that did blow over stood back up within a day. Here at Kennedy's Herbal Solution we'll look no further, High Grade Hemp Seed company is like i said the real deal. 

David and Joe Kennedy (NY)