We’re excited to announce our early finishing line for 2020. This list includes strains you already love like Berry Blossom and Trophy Wife.

As with full term, we recommend starting seeds in flats if you have infrastructure to do so, if not, we recommend considering seed starts. For planting we recommend 3-4 ft centers with between 2,500-5,000 plants per acre depending on plant spacing, with some farmers experimenting with higher density.


DESCRIPTION: For those in warmer climates, where multiple growing seasons are possible, or for those who have shorter photoperiods, auto flower is a smart choice. Designed to finish quickly. This varietal has an upright and uniform growth habit that makes it ideal for mechanized harvest. We recommend planting 10,000-20,000 plants per acre.

PALETTE: Sweet, spicy profile that’s consistent batch to batch.


One of our tried and true varietals. Nearly every state that grows hemp, grows Berry Blossom successfully. This line has proven itself to handle the roughest conditions and longest flower cycles. With CBD farming to big agriculture, we felt it was a priority to develop and stabilize a boutique quality CBD flower that can be farmed by beginners and experts alike.

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We have a five year track record that farmers trust. When working with High Grade’s genetics, you can rest assured that you’re making the right investment.

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We see our work in the hemp industry as an important way to change the world.

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At High Grade Hemp Seed we produce hemp cultivars with proven compliance, feminization, and cannabinoid levels. And we back up our genetics with customer service you can count on.

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Like with any crop, pre-planning is crucial. Once you reserve your seeds, we can help you figure out the best fulfillment plan. We’ll schedule around your planting needs.