Matterhorn CBG (Perugina) is Swiss made by Matthias Ghidossi, founder of Swiss Cannabinoid. Below is his letter to the international audience considering CBG in 2020 and interested in Matterhorn CBG from High Grade Hemp Seed. 

My Name is Matthias Ghidossi, founder of Swiss Cannabinoid Sagl and the breeder behind Matterhorn CBG. As a cannabis breeder, I created Swiss Cannabinoid in 2017 to focus on developing and breeding non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Minor cannabinoids have so much healing potential. We are just beginning to understand the power of hemp. 
In the beginning, my focus was on developing industrial hemp variates authorized in EU. However, in 2016, after an intense focus on R&D and searching out new phenotypes, I discovered the first parent of what is now called Matterhorn. After three years of hard work, I persevered through many trials with few people supporting my efforts to focus on CBG and most of the time crashing against ignorance and prejudice. 
Year after year, clinical trials and researchers have now been able to prove what I’ve always believed, CBG is and will be a very important cannabinoid. Last year, the varietal was registered within the CPVO as a new plant variety under the name of Perugina, which we changed to Matterhorn with the hope of broader international impact. 
With confidence in this varietal, my goal was to seek partnership with a like-minded company that could support our goal of getting this varietal in the hands of farmers worldwide. High Grade and its partners embody strong ethics and commitment to farmers. Their focus on innovation and R&D puts us in a position to elevate the industry, together.
I, Matthias Ghidossi fully claim origination and IP of Matterhorn CBG. We believe 2020 will be the year of CBG and believe in our product. Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to grow a boutique and vigorous strain of CBG, with a robust terpene profile, made by the Swiss.