We collaborate with only highly regarded industry leaders and best-in-class product and service providers. Together, we are redefining business and driving the hemp industry forward. When you buy from High Grade, you can rest assured that a deep and knowledgeable global ecosystem stands behind your seeds. 

Below are some of our key partners who work with us to deliver quality genetics.

iHEMPx (The International Hemp Exchange) was founded in 2016 in Longmont, Colorado in response to the need for connectivity throughout the hemp supply chain. Originally tasked with connecting retailers to consumers, wholesale demand for hemp and CBD quickly escalated and iHEMPx rose to meet the prevailing needs of the industry. iHEMPx has since grown to become the hemp industry supply chain leader both domestically and internationally.

iHEMPx supports the hemp supply chain ethically and comprehensively. When challenges arise, they find solutions for the success of their clients and the hemp industry as a whole. With physical operations and partnerships across states as diverse as Oregon, Colorado, Michigan, Tennessee, California, Nevada, Kentucky, and North Carolina, iHEMPx is growing across the United States and worldwide.

Clone Connect has done the extensive work of vetting industrial CBD and CBG hemp cultivators to remove risk and ensure you are purchasing from a lab tested, professional, reliable source. We bring only superior products and proven genetics into our network. We provide our customers with 1. lab tested, high-yield industrial CBD/CBG hemp seeds, seedlings and clones 2. bulk CBD and CBG rich hemp flower and 3. weather-based hemp crop insurance, to protect growers’ investments.
Whether it’s a large-scale cannabis grower looking for trustworthy genetics, or a retail dispensary looking for a consistent supply of high-quality CBD flower, or simply a newcomer to hemp looking for information and guidance, the team at Clone Connect is ready to help!

CBD NATIONAL is an exclusive network of professionals with expertise, passion and a long term vision for making the world a better place. Founded in 2017, after successfully merging 420 Consulting Associates, LLC, the first hemp and cannabis insurance program in the state of Oregon, and Chronix Craft Cannabis, Southern Oregon’s most reputable farm and nursery.  

CBD NATIONAL takes a fresh fast approach to integrating a seed-to-sale marketing platform. Their network of farms has been thoroughly vetted, and every product and service has been put through an extensive quality control program and tested at their R&D facility located in Southern Oregon. From seed to sale, our team of experts provides consulting, marketing, sales, and distribution of industrial hemp and hemp-derived products. 

Agrarian Supply combines farming efficiency and pricing with a deep understanding of hemp and cannabis cultivation. They leverage a team of experienced, licensed agricultural professionals to help cultivators maximize the return-on-acre with the highest quality. They have partnered with High Grade to provide agronomy expertise for select High Grade customers.


If you’re interested in working with us, reach out to [email protected]