Hemp Seeds For Sale in Texas

The Lone Star State is officially open for hemp business. On June 10, 2019, Governor Abbott signed House Bill 1325, authorizing the production and sale of hemp products in Texas. The law went into effect March 11, 2020, finally giving Texas farmers the opportunity to grow one of the most exciting and lucrative crops in the country.

Interested in becoming one of the first farmers in Texas to grow hemp? Then you’ll need to find high-quality hemp seeds for sale in Texas.

Every farmer knows that a successful crop starts with great seed genetics. At High Grade Hemp Seed, we’ve spent years breeding the very best hemp seeds, which are now for sale in Texas. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are standing by to help you learn more about each of our hemp strains.

Texas is a large state with many different microclimates and soil compositions. It’s important to understand how different hemp strains will perform under the unique conditions of your farm. If you’re looking to buy hemp seeds in Texas, here’s why you should consider buying from High Grade Hemp Seed.

High CBD and CBG Content

While hemp can be harvested for fiber or seeds, most farmers looking to optimize their earnings are interested in growing hemp for CBD oil or even CBG oil, a product growing in popularity in health and wellness circles.

Hemp seed genetics play a big role in how much resin a hemp plant produces, from which CBD or CBG oil is extracted. At HG, our hemp seeds are designed to produce the highest levels of resin possible, allowing farmers to harvest more CBD or CBG oil per acre.

For example, our Berry Blossom hemp strain is an industry leader in CBD oil production, and our Matterhorn CBG strain is one of the few available hemp seed varietals bred to produce CBG oil. A Matterhorn CBG flowercan give farmers up to 15% CBG oil extract, making it a market leader.

Nearly Perfect Rates of Feminization

When farmers start to research hemp as a crop, they’ll soon discover that female hemp plants are the primary producers of lucrative resin. In fact, male hemp plants can actually lower resin yields if they pollinate female plants.

Farmers can avoid the risk of male plants reducing their CBD or CBG oil yields by investing in feminized hemp seeds in Texas. At HG, we only sell feminized hemp seeds. Our feminization rates are over 99.8%, giving our customers a worry-free planting experience.

Robust Hemp Seeds That Can Thrive in Texas Weather

Texas is famous for its mercurial weather, from its lashing spring thunderstorms to its long, hot summers. In order for crops to thrive in Texas soil, they must be strong. HG offers some of the most robust hemp seeds in the industry.

Farmers looking to buy hemp seeds in Texas with extra resilience should consider our Merlot strain, which is known to practically drip with resin even when grown under the toughest weather conditions.

Choose from Hemp Seeds or Starts For Sale in Texas

Hemp seeds do best when they’re started in a greenhouse, but not every farmer can afford to build a greenhouse infrastructure, especially if they want to plant just a few acres of hemp to test out the crop. In this case, farmers should consider investing in seed starts. High Grade offers both seeds and starts for almost all of our hemp strains.

Hemp starts offer farmers a range of helpful benefits. They save farmers the investment of a greenhouse infrastructure and give farmers the guarantee of germinated hemp plants. Additionally, hemp starts contain a taproot, which can make the plant stronger and more resilient, especially during drought conditions.

Great Terpene Profiles

Every hemp seed strain produces flowers (also known as colas or buds) with a unique aromatic quality, known as its terpene profile. Terpene profiles are important to farmers who are looking to grow a smokable product.

HG hemp strains offer a wide variety of popular and unique terpene profiles, from floral to fruity to extra skunky. A customer favorite is our Chardonnay hemp strain, which is known for its purple flowers and a mouthwatering terpene profile of strawberry rhubarb jam and candied raspberries.

A Hemp Seed Company with an Unbeatable Reputation

Texas farmers understand the value of a well-earned reputation. At this time, the hemp seed market is growing fast. A lot of new seed companies are jumping into the fray and making big promises. It can be difficult for new hemp farmers to know which companies to trust when they are looking for the best hemp seeds for sale in Texas.

High Grade Hemp Seed has been in business since 2011. We are incredibly passionate about hemp seed genetics and have invested heavily in working with farmers and scientists to create the very best hemp seeds for CBD and CBG oil extraction. We are proud to offer hemp seeds for sale in Texas and to help Texas farmers realize the large ROI that hemp seeds can offer.

Contact us today—we would be glad to answer your hemp questions and help you determine the best hemp seed strains for your Texas farm.

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Our largest plot has flowers swelling from top to bottom, and you can smell our farm for miles @highgradehempseed. Fast growing and fast flowering varieties don’t usually have high terpene traits, but @highgradehempseed has pulled it off. She is very resistant to our high winds/cold nights here in Montrose, CO.

John H.