Hemp Seeds for Sale in Tennessee

Tennessee’s mild climate and large rural areas have made it an ideal location for hemp farming. While soy, corn, and tobacco are some of Tennessee’s largest cash crops, many farmers are also experimenting with hemp. In fact, some of the state’s tobacco farmers are switching over to growing hemp for CBD or CBG.

If you are looking for the best hemp seeds for sale in Tennessee, make sure you work with a seed company that truly cares about the genetics of their seeds. At High Grade Hemp Seed, we’ve been in the hemp seed business for almost 10 years and have worked with some of the first commercial industrial hemp operations in the country.

We are proud to sell hemp seeds in Tennessee. We partner with farmers throughout the year to develop hemp seeds with the best genes. A great hemp crop starts with the right seeds, and the right seeds need to have top quality genes. That’s what you get with High Grade Hemp Seed.

Our seeds offer:

  • High levels of CBD or CBG
  • Nearly perfect feminization rates
  • Top notch terp profiles
  • Reliable legal compliance
  • Great resiliency
  • And more

So, you could say we are a little obsessed with hemp seed genetics.

Here is what sets us apart.

High Yields of CBD

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much CBD you can extract from your harvest. That is why we’ve spent almost 10 years breeding hemp seeds that provide reliable and consistently high resin yields. Even an increase of 1% CBD per hemp plant can dramatically improve your return on investment. This is why buying hemp seeds with great genetics matters.

Recommendation: Our Cherry Wine hemp strain practically drips resin and offers a floral and cherry terpene profile with pine skunk undertones.

High Yields of CBG

CBD is riding a high wave of popularity at the moment, but a lot of people in the health and wellness industry are starting to talk about CBG, another non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in industrial hemp. The problem is that, traditionally, hemp plants haven’t produced a high level of CBG, which has made it difficult to harvest and sell. That has been changing. High Grade offers the Matterhorn CBG hemp strain, which can provide yields of CBG up to 15%. Farmers looking to establish themselves at the forefront of the CBG movement now have an excellent hemp seed option.

Feminized Seeds

The vast majority of CBD and CBG is found in the flower of female hemp plants. Male hemp plants can actually hurt your CBD and CBG yields. If they pollinate your female plants, your females will spend their energy growing seeds in their buds instead of producing CBD and CBG. Also, seeds lower the value of your hemp flower.

While feminized hemp seeds are more expensive up front, they more than make up for their cost by giving farmers the best CBD and CBG yields. At High Grade, we only sell feminized hemp seeds and offer a feminization rate of 99.9%. This is another reason why choosing seeds with the right genes can improve the ROI of your harvest.

Excellent Terpene Profiles

Many hemp farmers plan to harvest hemp flower (as opposed to hemp biomass) in order to sell smokable buds to their buyers. For these farmers, a hemp strain’s terpene profile is an essential consideration. The “terp profile” is the hemp flower’s aromatic quality. Terp profiles vary from hemp strain to strain, from light and floral to fruity and even skunky (which certain customers love). Terp profiles are a direct result of a hemp seed’s gene profile. Seeds with good genes produce strong terp profiles that customers love.

Recommendation: Our Chardonnay strain is a top-shelf varietal with a terpene profile of strawberry rhubarb jam and candied raspberries.

Autoflower and Early Finishers

Winter comes early in the northern and mountainous regions of Tennessee. Farmers with a shorter growing window may be interested in autoflower seeds, which are prized for their quick growth. Our Autoflower strain can reach maturity between 70 and 75 days.

We also sell early finisher varieties of most of our hemp seed strains. Early finishers typically reach maturity in 90 to 100 days and can help you complete your harvest before the first frost.

Seeds vs. Starts

Many farmers find greater success by starting their hemp crop in a greenhouse, then, after hardening, planting the healthy starts in the field. If you don’t have a greenhouse structure on your farm, you may want to consider purchasing hemp starts instead of seeds. The beauty of purchasing starts is that you won’t pay for seeds that don’t germinate (though High Grade’s germination rate is over 95%). You’ll also receive a start with a taproot that will make it more likely that your start will grow into a strong and healthy hemp plant.

Legal Compliance

The 2018 Farm Bill requires that industrial hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. Current research has found that a seed’s genetics play a large role in how much THC it produces. All of our hemp seed strains have shown a consistent ability to stay well below the legal THC limit. Don’t risk your entire crop by buying questionable or low-grade hemp seeds! Hemp seeds with good genes can help ensure that your crop stays in compliance each harvest.

A Passion for Hemp Genetics

Don’t settle for low-quality hemp seeds. When it comes time to buy hemp seeds in Tennessee, set yourself up for a successful harvest by choosing hemp seeds with the best genetics from a highly trusted company. At High Grade Hemp Seed, we partner with world-class agronomists, researchers, and farmers to make sure our seeds are the best. You can’t beat the genetics of our seeds.

Contact us today to learn more about our hemp seeds for sale in Tennessee.

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Our largest plot has flowers swelling from top to bottom, and you can smell our farm for miles @highgradehempseed. Fast growing and fast flowering varieties don’t usually have high terpene traits, but @highgradehempseed has pulled it off. She is very resistant to our high winds/cold nights here in Montrose, CO.

John H.