Hemp Seeds for Sale in Kansas

Agriculture has always been a major industry in Kansas — and Kansas farmers have an exciting new crop opportunity to plant in their fields. Farmers licensed by the Kansas Department of Agriculture are now allowed to plant approved varieties of industrial hemp for CBD. However, considering that hemp is a new crop in the state, how can farmers find the best hemp seeds for sale in Kansas?

It all comes down to investing in good seed genetics. At High Grade, hemp seed genetics might as well be our middle name. We’ve spent years working with farmers, agricultural researchers, and agronomists to breed the best CBD and CBG hemp seed strains possible. No wonder one of our most popular CBD strains, Cherry Wine, is included on the highly selective list of hemp strains approved by the Kansas Department of Agriculture.

What makes Cherry Wine so special?

  • High CBD content
  • Great reputation for robustness
  • Strong history of compliance
  • Excellent terpene profile
  • Feminized seeds and starts available
  • Early finishing varieties available

If you are looking for reliable, robust, and profitable hemp seeds for sale in Kansas, you can’t go wrong with Cherry Wine.

High Percentage of CBD

At the end of the day, it all comes down to how much CBD your hemp crop can produce. The difference of one percent can mean the gain or loss of thousands of dollars per acre. This is where a hemp seed’s genes really shine. The best hemp seeds — grown in the right conditions — can produce high rates of CBD and offer farmers a significant return on investment.

Our Cherry Wine strain practically drips resin. Farmers using our full-term seeds and starts can expect a CBD rate of around 7.68%.


You can’t profit from your hemp crop if it doesn’t survive the growing season. Kansas farmers must contend with strong thunderstorms, occasional spring or fall hail, high winds, and, of course, tornados. While most crops won’t survive a direct tornado hit, our Cherry Wine hemp strain shows an impressive amount of hardiness. It can handle a little extra rain and wind, making it more likely that Kansas farmers will harvest a healthy crop.

Consistent Compliance

Like hemp farmers across the country, Kansas farmers will need to ensure their hemp crop stays below 0.3% THC. This is a challenging compliance standard to meet, but if a hemp crop “runs hot,” it must be destroyed. Cherry Wine was our first hemp strain that consistently tested below 0.3% THC while also delivering high quantities of CBD. With the right farming techniques and regular testing, Cherry Wine will allow farmers to harvest a compliant and profitable crop.

Well-Loved Terpene Profile

Farmers seeking to sell hemp flower or hemp bud must consider the terpene profiles of the available hemp seeds in Kansas. A terpene profile refers to the aromatic quality of the hemp flower, which downstream customers smoke or vape. Customers enjoy a wide variety of terp profiles, from floral to skunky. Cherry Wine offers the best of both worlds. As its name implies, this hemp strain provides a cherry floral aroma with tantalizing undertones of pine skunk.

Near Perfect Rate of Feminization

The majority of CBD can be found in the unpollinated buds of female hemp plants. Even a few males in a field can pollinate a large amount of females, causing their buds to fill with seeds. Not only does this lower the value of the hemp flower, but it also decreases the amount of CBD the pollinated plant produces.

For this reason, at High Grade we only offer feminized seeds and starts. After much testing and refinement, we’ve been able to achieve a feminization rate of 99.98%. While no company can guarantee a perfect rate of feminization, we’re about as close as they come.

Early Finishing Option

Like nearly all of our strains, Cherry Wine is available as a full-term strain or an early finisher strain. Full-term seeds and starts will reach maturity in roughly 100 to 120 days, while the early finishers can be ready to harvest in 90 to 100 days. In Kansas, where the frost sometimes comes early, an early finishing variety can give farmers more options when it comes to staggering crops and planning their harvest.

It’s Time to Buy Hemp Seeds in Kansas

Cherry Wine is a favorite for us here at High Grade. It was developed back in 2015 by our founder, Bodhi Urban, and became one of our foundational strains. It is still incredibly popular with small and large hemp farming operations throughout the country for its high levels of CBD, resiliency, and compliance reliability.

Currently in Kansas, farmers have a limited variety of hemp strains available to them. When you’re ready to search for hemp seeds for sale in Kansas, choose a strain with a great reputation. Choose Cherry Wine. Contact us today to learn more.

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Our largest plot has flowers swelling from top to bottom, and you can smell our farm for miles @highgradehempseed. Fast growing and fast flowering varieties don’t usually have high terpene traits, but @highgradehempseed has pulled it off. She is very resistant to our high winds/cold nights here in Montrose, CO.

John H.