Hemp Seeds for Sale in Florida

Florida is famous for its white sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, and a certain “magical” place (world, rather!), but the Sunshine State has historically been—and continues to be—an agricultural powerhouse for the U.S. In June of 2019, the state officially authorized farmers to grow industrial hemp, including hemp for CBD and CBG. From Tallahassee to Jacksonville, Orlando, and the rest of the state, Florida farmers can earn a strong return on their hemp crop, but only if they invest in high-quality hemp seeds for sale in Florida.

How Do You Find the Best Hemp Seeds for Sale in Florida?

The answer is seed genetics. Hemp seeds with top-quality genetics will:

  • Produce a high concentration of CBD or CBG
  • Thrive in Florida’s environment
  • Stay within strict compliance laws
  • Provide strong terpene profiles
  • Offer the highest possible percentage of feminized seeds
  • And more

At High Grade Hemp Seed, we are more than a little obsessed with seed genetics. We’ve been testing and breeding hemp seeds for almost a decade with the help of experienced farmers, researchers, and agronomists. The result is that we offer a number of hemp seed strains that we believe are the best hemp seeds in Florida. Here’s why.

High Concentration of CBD and CBG

Your profit will depend on how much CBD or CBG your industrial hemp produces. This, in large part, comes down to the genetics of your hemp seeds. Increasing your yield of CBD or CBG by just 1% could mean thousands of dollars more per acre of hemp.

Every one of our High Grade hemp strains has a proven history of great CBD or CBG production. We’re especially proud of our Matterhorn CBG strain, which can consistently produce 15% CBG.

A Robust Hemp Crop

Even though Florida is famous for its beautiful weather, farmers know that their crops must be hardy enough to withstand lots of sun and a regular dousing of rain. Our hemp strains are known for their toughness. In particular, our Berry Blossom strain has proven to be one of our most robust and reliable strains and is a great option for new hemp farmers.

A Strong Record of Compliance

The 2018 Farm Bill created a challenging compliance landscape for industrial hemp farmers. All industrial hemp plants must test below 0.3% THC in order to meet federal and Florida state regulations. We know how devastating it would be for a farmer to lose an entire crop that “runs hot,” which is why compliance is always top of mind when we breed new hemp strains.

All of our hemp strains have a documented history of testing well below the 0.3% THC standard, giving our customers more peace of mind when it comes time to test and harvest their crop.

Excellent Terpene Profiles

Florida farmers who plan to harvest hemp flowers (also known as hemp buds) must pay close attention to the terpene profile of their crop. Terpene profile refers to the aromatic quality of the flower when it is smoked or vaped. Terp profiles can range from floral and fruity, like our Bueno strain, to cheesy and skunky, like our Trophy Wife strain. High Grade offers a great variety of terp profiles that continue to prove highly popular among downstream customers.

Nearly Perfect Feminization

Female hemp plants produce the highest quantities of CBD and CBG, especially when they are not pollinated by male hemp plants. We only sell feminized hemp seeds at High Grade, and we offer a feminization rate of 99.98%. A single male hemp plant can pollinate an entire field of female plants, dramatically lowering the profit of that field, so a near-perfect rate of feminization is a must!

Customize Your Growing Season

Some Florida farmers are able to take advantage of their state’s warm weather to extend their season, while other Floridians may need to negotiate a shorter growing window in order to harvest crops before hurricane season arrives.

Either way, High Grade offers farmers more choice in when and how long to grow their industrial hemp crop. Our early finishing seeds and starts are ready for harvest in 90 to 100 days, while our Autoflower strain can reach maturity in 75 days. These time frames allow farmers to stagger their harvests to get the most out of their acreage or help ensure that their hemp is harvested before the weather turns.

Trust High Grade for Your Hemp Seeds in Florida

With CBD and CBG hemp taking off, it can be difficult to know which companies to trust when searching for hemp seeds for sale in Florida. At High Grade Hemp Seed, we’re proud of our reputation as a company that is passionate about seed genetics. We’ve built great partnerships with farmers and researchers across the country, and our hemp seeds are regularly considered best in class.

Want to learn more about the best hemp seeds for sale in Florida? Contact us today!

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Our largest plot has flowers swelling from top to bottom, and you can smell our farm for miles @highgradehempseed. Fast growing and fast flowering varieties don’t usually have high terpene traits, but @highgradehempseed has pulled it off. She is very resistant to our high winds/cold nights here in Montrose, CO.

John H.