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Are Hemp Batteries Better Than Lithium-Ion?

Batteries offer a growing hope as the world transitions away from non-renewable sources of energy, like natural gas and coal, to a more sustainable energy grid. Lithium-ion batteries now power a rising number of electric vehicles and even allow homeowners with solar panels to store power while the sun is shining and use it when […]

What Is Hemp Plastic and How Is It Made?

Plastic is everywhere. It’s in the smartphones in our pockets, the cars we drive, the packaging of consumer goods, and the jet planes that streak across the sky. Plastic helps the world run, but it’s also leaving a devastating impact on the environment as it piles up in landfills or finds its way into the […]

Hemp Fuel: Driving to a Greener Future

Though hemp fuel may seem like a futuristic idea, it’s actually an old concept that dates back to the birth of the automotive revolution. In fact, Henry Ford designed some of his first Model T cars to run on hemp biofuel as well as gasoline. Oh, what could have been if discoveries of large crude […]

Hemp Transportation: Challenges of Shipping Hemp

The new national hemp industry has brought with it a wave of excitement for business owners. Whether it be with CBD products or industrial hemp materials, entrepreneurs are flocking to this business with big dreams and high hopes. Yet, as the hemp industry has taken shape since legalization, operators consistently run into new problems. A […]


Benefits of Using Hemp Animal Bedding

As seen with most applications for hemp, animal bedding made from hemp is both functional and environmentally friendly. Just as a hemp CBD farm can help sequester carbon from the environment, while also providing valuable wellness products, the benefits of industrial hemp are multi-faceted. In the best-case scenarios, industrial hemp outperforms the materials which it […]

Industrial Hemp as a Building Material

Hemp has been an extremely important resource throughout human history. To illustrate, the Chinese were making paper out of hemp over 2,000 years ago, and scientists believe people have been making textiles from hemp for over 8,000 years. Today, we are seeing a resurgence in the use of hemp fibers for building and construction materials. […]