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The Benefits of Using Hemp for Horse Bedding

Anyone who has kept horses is well aware of how labor-intensive and expensive owning a horse can be. While horses are beautiful animals and amazing companions, they require more care than your average livestock. Not only must you feed and board your horses, but you must pay careful attention to their health and wellness. Horse […]

Graphene Production from Hemp Fiber

Have you ever heard of a material that costs $2,000 per gram? If not, you probably haven’t heard of graphene. Graphene is a revolutionary new material that is poised to upend a variety of industries. Some people feel graphene is the most important scientific discovery of the 21st-Century. Not only is graphene extremely strong, but […]

The Guide to Industrial Hemp Processing Equipment

In the few short years since hemp was legalized, farmers and manufacturers alike have worked to establish new processing protocols for the industry. As new hemp farms sprung up across the nation after legalization, farmers quickly realized they didn’t have all the tools they needed to pull off successful harvests. Manufacturers also didn’t have the […]

Hemp Hurd: What is it and What is it Used For?

Industrial hemp has gotten a lot of attention recently due to its environmental benefits and diverse applications. The more research that manufacturers and scientists put into learning about hemp, the more uses they uncover for this incredible plant. A major drive in the industry is to develop uses for the different types of fibers found […]

What is CBD Isolate and What is it Used For?

In the modern CBD industry, manufacturers constantly come up with innovative ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp flowers. In turn, as new extraction methods are devised, they lead to the further development of new and exciting CBD products. Certain hemp CBD products – like full-spectrum extracts – are created with the end goal of retaining […]

The Ultimate Guide to Hemp Extraction Equipment

Since hemp was legalized, our methods and technologies for processing cannabinoids have grown increasingly sophisticated. Today, hemp extraction operations borrow equipment and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) from the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. In turn, hemp companies produce pure extracts that provide accurate and consistent CBD dosing. Hemp farmers and manufacturers have a number of […]


What is THC: The Difference Between CBD and THC

Whether it be THC or CBD, the cannabis and hemp industries continue to create amazing new products with cannabinoids. While innovations are doubtlessly exciting, consumer education sometimes falls behind product development in cannabis and hemp. In particular, many people are still not aware of the difference between THC and CBD. Importantly, being able to differentiate […]


The Many Uses of Biochar in Agriculture

The benefits of biochar in agriculture are multi-faceted. Not only does biochar offer an avenue for farmers to use excess organic materials, but biochar itself is a powerful soil amendment. At the current rate of food production, agricultural practices are depleting soils quicker than they can be replenished. The rising human population on Earth only […]